Welcome to Bowden House Day Nursery

Bowden House nursery, established 2005, is a family run day nursery in a unique residential setting. Over the last 17 years, we have built personal relationships with our parents and children to provide the best childcare and education possible to 35 children. Our leadership team hold degrees in early childhood studies, and all qualified practitioners hold a NVQ level 3 or equivalent. Located close to Marple town centre, the nursery has great access to Stockport and the wider cheshire area.

The nursery provides for children aged 6 months to 4 years, offering places in our First Steps, Early Years and Pre School rooms. Personal development portfolios are maintained for each child, to share their progress between practitioners and parents.

First Steps provides a warm, secure and nurturing environment for 7 babies from 6 months of age. Our small group size allows our practitioners to devote time and attention to each child, tailoring their personal development portfolio through observation and stimulating activities.

The children spend time in their homeroom, which provides role-play, construction, music, and sensory areas. First steps also spend extensive time in our all-weather outside garden, soft-play sensory room, and walks to local parks.

Early years provides 12 places catering for the rapid development and emotional needs of toddlers, aged two-three years. Practitioners work closely with children to guide the activities engaged in, through their personal interests and development needs.

The homeroom provides role-play, literacy and numeracy activities, music and story and imaginary play areas. Early years children also make use of our craft room for artistic and messy activities, the dining room for baking, and the large garden for outdoor play.

For children aged three-four years, Preschool provides 16 places in a rich learning environment for children to explore a variety of activities in literacy, numeracy, art and IT. Children are given freedom to explore their interests, by choosing what activies to participate in throughout the day.

Our practitioners help the children develop creative outdoor play, making use of our Mud Kitchen and the natural environment in our garden, along with planned games and activities on our lawn.

For older children preparing to enter primary, we partner with local schools to offer taster sessions, easing the transition to school.

Opening Hours


Mon - Fri

  • Full Day: 8am to 6pm
  • Mornings: 8am to 12:45pm
  • Afternoons: 1:15pm to 6pm
  • Early Birds: 7:30am to 8am

Bowden House is open throughout the year, except Christmas Day to New Years day and bank holidays.



Please contact us directly for our pricing schemes. The nursery partakes in a number of schemes to reduce your costs, including:

  • - Tax Free Childcare
  • - Sibling discounts
  • - Full week discounts
  • - On demand Early birds
  • - Flexible booking of extra days
  • - Fully funded places under the Nursery Education Grant, for 3, 4 and qualified 2 year olds


The Nursery has a wide range of facitilies available for parents and children, including a private car park for drop-off/collection, an undercover pram park and a dedicated dining room. Our children enjoy the use of many of our dedicated spaces, highlighted below.

Our designated craft room is used by Early Years to have lots of fun making mess, discovering paint, glitter, gloop, textures and lots more.

Early Years access the room throughout the day with activities planned by key workers around observations on what the children individually enjoy.

Our sensory room offers the opportunity for babies to explore using their senses such as touch, sight and hearing through LED lighting, projectors and speakers. The room also accomodates physical play utilising soft play equipment, tunnels and tents.

We also make use of this room as an area for babies to sleep and rest in the day, and to enjoy messy play.

Our large garden is a stimulating outdoor space, split into areas providing many learning opportunities. The upper garden includes a woodchip play area with a climbing frame and playhouse, a rubber play surface for bikes and scooters, and a large lawn for ball games, assault courses and more.

Our all weather lower garden's canopy provides protection from rain and sun, with artifical grass for babies to crawl and play. Pre-School's outdoor learning hub has planting areas, a mud kitchen and sinks for natural sensory play.


The Nursery follows Development Matters, the non-statutory curriculum guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which came into effect on the 1st of September 2021. It guides practitioners through the different ways in which children learn helping them to devise an effective curriculum for learning, building upon their individual strengths and meeting the needs of each child.

For more information, download a copy of Development Matters

Beyond this, all ages also partake in special classes within and outside the nursery, including Footy-Totz, Buena Spanish and Boogie Babes.


The Nursery kitchen provides a range of health meals and snacks throughout the day, providing breakfast, lunch and two daytime snacks. Water is available all day and children are encouraged to drink plenty.

Our kitchen maintains a 5 Star food hygine rating, and we strive to accomodate all dietry and allergy requirements.


Delivering high standards is our top priority. This high level of commitment is reflected in our latest Ofsted (Aug 2023), where we achieved “good” in all areas. The inspector praised our high standards of education and learning, resources and environment, and the quality and commitment of the team.

The full report can be viewed here

The managers constantly strive for the best in children’s care and learningAll children are encouraged to reach their full potentialStaff have superb knowledge of individual children in their care in addition to thorough observations and assessments


For enquiries about pricing, places or anything else, please contact Jane or Jill.

phone 0161 426 0054
mail [email protected]

Find us at

  • Bowden House Day Nursery
  • 30 Bowden Lane,
  • Marple,
  • Cheshire,
  • SK6 6ND