Active Kids

Music, Dance and Movement Classes

Joe Beans a dance and movement class attend the setting each week. The children participate in a range of activities which encourage the children to develop their physical and creative skills. They learn to express themselves to music, and develop their imaginative skills in the way that they act out different scenarios from being under the sea to walking through the jungle or a haunted house.

Rhythm Time’ is a weekly session of music and song for our babies and toddlers. These classes help to develop confidence, creativity and co-ordination through music and movement and are run by an experienced outside practitioner.

We take a group of children to Footy Totz at Marple Cricket Club where they focus on developing their physical skills in a fun environment. The coaches plan a variety of activities which encourage the children to be able to follow a set of instructions, learn turn taking and following a sequence of actions. This helps them develop their self confidence, gross motor skills and co-ordination. (Footy Totz runs along the academic calendar and does incur an additional cost)

Each year we plan a nursery trip which parents are invited to join us. This offers the opportunity to get to know other parents and the practitioners in a more social environment as well as being fun for all.