Corona Virus Update

As of Tuesday the 17th of March we are requesting that parents do not bring their child in if they are displaying the symptoms of the Corona Virus. These are a temperature, sore throat and persistent cough. They will have to remain away from the setting for 14 days and will have to be isolated along with all family members in the household for this period of time. Please contact the nursery to advise of their symptoms. Also if anyone else in the household is displaying the symptoms then please keep your child with you and isolate for 14 days. Any staff member displaying the symptoms will also adhere to the quarantine period.
To reassure parents we are continuing with stringent hygiene procedures and have suspended any unnecessary visits into the setting by other third parties. We are also asking all parents and family members to remain in the hall when collecting your child to limit contact in other areas of the setting. Currently our Spanish Class, Boogie Babes class and Footy Totz are still going ahead. In order to limit social contact we will now be limiting the number of parents/carers in the hall at one time. As you are aware this is a small space so we are going to restrict to three parents at a time. We will ask other parents to wait outside and will invite you in once we can accomodate you. The team will get your child ready for you to collect and will pass on the daily information, but at this time we will limit the handover to reduce contact time.
We will endeavour to keep the setting running but we may have to change the way things run as things unfold. Please look out for our information posters in the hall with up to date information on.