• Sensory/Sleep Room

    • Our sensory room offers the opportunity for children of all ages to explore using their senses such as touch, sight and hearing as well as physical play utilising the soft play equipment, tunnels and tents.

      Different moods can be created in the room by using various lighting techniques, sensory DVD’s and sounds of nature CD’s, creating an atmospheric environment to explore the activities in. We have a selection of treasure baskets to explore which include natural objects such as pebbles, shells, wood and pine cones to metal objects, brushes, colour baskets, fabric and musical instruments.

      Smaller groups of children are taken into the sensory room where they can participate in dance routines and practice their tumbling, rolly pollies, jumping and balancing skills in a safe environment.

      We also make use of this room as an area for children to sleep and rest in the day. Set away from the hustle and bustle, children have comfy sleep mats and can rest in a soothing environment of gentle calming music and twinkling lights, whilst being watched over by a member of staff.

  • Craft Room

    • We have set aside a designated craft room where the children can have lots of fun making lots of mess, discovering paint, glitter, gloop, textures and lots more. All the children in First Steps and Early Years use this room. Babies may come into do foot prints and play in the sand and water. Early Years access the room throughout the day with activities planned by key workers around observations made on what they have enjoyed in previous sessions of messy play. We feel it is good for the children to have time in lots of different areas of the nursery and not to be in one room all the time.

  • Garden

    • At the rear of the nursery is a very large and stimulating outdoor area. This is split into different areas providing different learning opportunities. On the upper bark play area we have a lovely wooden climbing frame which is great for physical development. This is also good for role play as there is a den on the top and a hideaway underneath so the children can have adventures in their social groups. Role play can be further developed in our large wooden play house which is set up with a different theme each month. This can either be a garden centre, hairdressers, shop, vets this list is endless. Again this depends on what practitioners have observed the children saying and doing in play to see how their play and imagination is developing. In this area we also have a large sunken sandpit which is great in the summer months for pretending we are at the seaside.

      Below this area we have our rubber play surface which is great for the children to run around on and ride on the cars and bikes. The large lawn provides plenty of opportunity for races, parachute games and assault courses.

      Our lower play area is perfect to use in all weathers as our canopy provides shade from the hot sun and protection from the rain. As there is an all weather artificial lawn the younger children can crawl and roll and not get covered in mud. There is a smaller climbing frame suitable for the younger children and is great at encouraging physical development. Practitioners again set out activities each day based around the children’s interests and areas of development such as literacy, teddy bears tea party and rhymes. mark making, shape sorting and lots more.

      We have a mud kitchen and planting area. This is somewhere that the children can come and explore the outdoor environment using their own ideas and express themselves how they want to. Activities that they can get involved in are mud play, weaving, den building, bug exploring and leaf printing. Children also enjoy growing their own food including potatoes, herbs, strawberries and tomatoes.