Nursery Closure Confirmation

Dear Parents
It is a very sad time for us all and most of us are suffering with huge anxiety and stress at this time with all the uncertainty that we are facing. Myself and Jill have strived and worked so hard over the last 15 years to deliver a setting of the best quality that we can for our parent, children and staff. You are all our Bowden House family. The team that work with us, your children and all of yourselves are so caring and dedicated and we worry greatly about them at this time.
I am having to let you know that as of close of business today we will no longer be open to families who are not in the Key Worker group as outlined in the government guidelines yesterday.
We are compiling some information and activity packs so that you can continue to support your child’s Early Years Education during this closure period. These will be available for you to collect next week. I will let you know when these are ready.
I will be advising you all by letter next week of how we be moving forward with invoicing from April until the end of the period, following further government announcements that are due over the next couple of days. I hope that we can all work together at this very difficult time so we can come through it together and be able to get back to business as usual.
During the closure period you can contact the setting by email or by phone 0161 426 0054 as we should be here every day.

We hope that you all stay well and look forward to a happy reunion the other side.